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Why females should play female hockey.

Female hockey in the province of BC is still growing and everything is being done to grow the female game in the province. It has consistently been recommended that for the game to grow. females must be playing with and against their own gender wherever numbers permit. We believe that all girls hockey creates the best environment for girl hockey players to develop. From a social and developmental perspective same gender teams are more inclusive. The social opportunities in all girls hockey, beginning with team warm-ups, dry-land sessions, cheers, dressing room participation, social events, tournaments, and activities outside of hockey, allows for friendships to develop that extend beyond the arena. Generally, girls feel more comfortable playing with other girls, and as a result are more physical, play harder, and build more confidence versus playing with boys. They have more time with the puck, and receive and send more passes to and from girl players. The benefits of playing female hockey are reflected on both the skill development and the social aspect of the game. It is important for girls to have the opportunity to interact with teammates and be leaders on their teams.

Melody Davidson of Hockey Canada states that the best way for a young female hockey player to get scouted is to see you play in the female system and with your Program of Excellence ie) U14, U16 etc.. Hockey Canada does not have the infrastructure or staffing to scout girls playing boys hockey. For this reason it is very important for the athlete to be involved with the provincial branch program as this may be the only way we would see them play unless they are in the female stream.

The question is always asked why Team Canada plays against male teams to prepare for the season, tournaments and national competitions and the answer is very straight forward. When Team Canada bring their best players together there is no female competition in Canada that we can compete against that will challenge us. The exception is if we have enough players in camp that we can make two teams. Playing at the Minor /Female level Melody Davidson states she wouldn't discourage teams to prepare by playing at a higher caliber for a challenge but in the majority of circumstances you can find a female team that challenges your ability rather than a male team. Again the two games (male-female) are very different and the benefit of playing other female teams will have a larger impact for your team. 




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