Division Lead: Theresa Viventi

Email: tviventi.kmha@gmail.com


U18 Rec Jan 4th to Feb 3rd



2020-21 SEASON - U18 (Midget) Recreation is for players born in 2003, 2004 and 2005.


PLEASE NOTE – We will not know until after July 1st if BC Hockey will allow Overage Players on U18 teams. Please send us an email and we will wait list those players that are interested.

Overage (2002 birth year) players will be waitlisted based on the date they register until we know how many teams we will have in U18 (Midget) Recreation. BC Hockey’s policy states that teams are allowed to have 2 Overage Players on their roster. An Overage player cannot have played Rep hockey within the past 2 seasons and have to be approved by BC Hockey before they can be added to a team roster. Players playing history will be taken into consideration before being approved. KMHA reserves the right to decline registration of any overage player.

Fees for waitlisted Overage U18 players will not be due until we can determine if there is room for them.

Priority will be given to Overage Males for the U18 Recreation Division teams.

Overage (2000 birth year) Females will be waitlisted for participation on a U18 Female Recreation team.