Junior Blazers Spring Hockey



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Junior Blazers spring hockey will run from March to May.  Spring hockey is not a continuation of the regular hockey season. Teams will be formed by birth year. If the interest is there, the plan is to have two teams in most birth years. Players will try out to make a team in spring hockey.


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2024 Junior Blazers Spring Hockey Coaches 

2017: Mark Jurista

2016: Kyle Campbell

2015 A: Zac Carnelley

2015 B: Ryan Whitehouse

2014 A: Scott Wallace

2014 B: Jeff Barter

2013 A: Bryan Plowe

2013 B: Brian Cox

2012 A: Mike Carlson

2012 B: Kyle Drummond

2011 A: Jeff Jakel

2011 B: Sat Gill

2010 A: Jordyn Radymski

2010 B: Stu Middleton

2009 A: Mark Chase

2009 B: Corey Anderson

U11 Female: Reid Drummond

U13 Female:

U15 Female: Mike Brown

U18 Female: Chris Fleury